Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fictional worlds I want to play in

There's a bunch of projects with licensed worlds around. Dresden Files. Atomic Robo. Mistborn. Lord of the Rings. Warhammer.

Where is the Malazan Book of the Fallen? Where's Night Watch? Where's Thundercats? Hell, I've only seen a fan-made Avatar: The Last Airbender. Is there a reason some of these properties are deemed worthy but the others aren't? It annoys me.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Further d12 system ramblings

I've kept bouncing around my homebrewed d12 system in my head, and it has now taken on characteristics of FATE and Feng Shui. I'm still a little unsure of how exactly the probabilities will play, but we'll see.

So here's how it's laid out.
Roll 2d12 when it is deemed necessary by the group (explained below).
Subtract lowest from highest, resulting in numbers from 0 to 11. 0 (a double) explained further below.
Add up to +5 with modifiers. (+6 with plot point. See below).
Check total.

Then the modifiers come from five aspects that describe your character, then three skills/achievements/training/merit badges, and then possibly equipment depending. A magic sword that does extra damage against Orcs would likely get a +1 against an Orc.

So Let's say I'm a wizard and want to cast a simple magic missile spell. I roll my 2d12, and the roll come up as a 6. I can add aspects, training and equipment, but only to a maximum of +5.
I have an aspect 'spellslinger', training in 'magical casting' and 'magic missile', and I'm carrying a staff that helps me channel my magic. That's +4, so overall I get a 10. If that 10 beats the targets dodge/armour, it takes damage (I haven't quite worked out the damage track yet).

If I'd rolled any kind of double, then something different happens. I instead earn the group a plot point, which I could either spend immediately to make some riotous example of the spell going amazingly, or keep and allow the spell to fail somehow. The plot points are communal, so anyone could use them. They let the players make narrative choices or give them a further +1 on rolls (similar to FATE).

How does this sound to people? So far, my ideas for testing it involve the Lookouts (for those merit badges as skills), Psychopomp and maybe some sort of high science fantasy setting in the cosmos.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Guest starring the Priest

The Priest made his first appearance in a long while to our weekly game, so here's a brief overview of what happened.

The Mortal was in The Bar, along with the Tanninomancer, despite their history of not getting along. The Priest walked in, having felt an impending doom. He recognises the Mortal from many many months ago, and in some manner the Mortal decides to show off and pull out his pistol. He is quickly arrested.
The Priest then had a chat with the Tanninomancer, telling her that something terrible was about to happen. She was drunk, emotional, and is scared of the world. She maced him. She was quickly arrested.

The next day, The Bar was closed whilst the White Champion threw up an alarm ward, so that a slightly noisy ice machine would make a horrible noise when someone at least as powerful as a sorcerer crossed the threshold. This didn't work out well when new boy in town David Wong arrived with a date.

The Apprentice kept up her search for the Necromancer's book, in a handy translated and presumably pocket-guide edition. She enlisted the help of the Mortal and Lycanthrope, since they were both able to use the Internet easily. Then she went off in search of a new advisor, paying a visit to Bill's Glade in the Nevernever. It was now occupied by a fleshy-looking house, presumably created from the police officer left there two years previously. She didn't remember what happened in the Glade for very long, losing all her memories after saying 'Hello' to Bill the Babykiller.

The Tanninomancer and Mortal were freed, and both made an apology to the White Champion for doing wrong in his bar.
Meanwhile, David Wong had a lovely meal with his lady friend. In order to ascertain which of them set off the alarm, the White Champion took a quick glimpse using the Sight. The girl was a mortal, but Wong was anything but. It seemed he was some sort of green lizard creature, with wings. This did not bode well, especially since Wong noticed he was being Looked At.
Apologies were made, but the White Champion foolishly invited Wong back 'any time', effectively allowing him freedom within the threshold. Wong advised to certainly not use the Sight now he had this freedom, but entered into a business deal regarding oriental vegetables and spices for the restaurant/café/bar. Then he went off to eat the girl he came with. Wishing Wong 'bon appetit' sealed a change to the Champion. He was no decidedly Grey.

Advising that nobody look at Wong with the Sight, the Grey Champion began research on what kind of dragons ate people, with very little to show in way of result.

The Lycanthrope and Mortal were invited to dinner with the Mayor. Thus sealed their business dealings with him.

Wong came back the next day to chat with his new business partner, and to lament the various dealings with his cousins. He was not a dragon at all, but a Jade Court Vampire. At least his dinner the night before had been tasty. He also made note of the loud argument between the Tanninomancer and the Apprentice, since it would have given away far too many secrets if a Mortal had heard.

The Grey Champion began researching a ward against vampiric abilities, just to be safe.

Monday, 13 February 2012


Inspired by this picture, I've been thinking recently about the idea of children's toys invading dreams to keep the children safe. A friend gave it the name Psychopomp, I assume in the Jungian sense since I didn't intend for death to be a central element.

So far, the ideas revolve around the spiritually imbued toys of orphans, protecting them from the nasty nightmares that patrol the night time hallways. Presumably an old Indian burial ground or nasty cult or something goes on in the past causing them. Perhaps it's due to the sad children and concentration of them, who knows.

So far, I figure either having the nightmares led by someone called Mr Fierce is important, and that perhaps the orphanage is run by the Orphian order of priests/nuns, or the Orphian society would be good. Then I thought maybe a kindly janitor called Gabriel is helping the kids out, but in my head he's Cab Calloway from the Blues Brothers.

I can sort of see the d12 system in my head working well, since I've finally worked out what rolling a double would do.
I need to think about how the characters themselves would work. It's likely to be a cross between Toy Story and the Midnight Patrol in how it comes together.

Any ideas to contribute?

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Dresden Update

So what's happening in the Dresden game?

The Lycanthrope is out of town, trying to track down someone named Sharkey. The Mayor has meanwhile made his presence, and corruption, known to the Mortal.

The Apprentice has repaired the stuffed rabbit that may or may not still contain the ghost of the old necromancer. She has also apologised to the White Champion. She stopped by the library to try and get her hands on some ancient Sumerian texts to try and further translate the necromancer's old book.

The Tanninomancer had some trouble with permission slips during her day job as a teacher. She is planning to visit local universities with her students.

The bar saw a visit from some Russians, looking for the Lycanthrope, so the White Champion gave them some contact details, and the Mortal made sure to put them up in a fancy hotel so he could keep an eye on them.

The White Champion went to visit the Goblin Market for some spell ingredients, and ran into a man named David Wong. He is the CEO of a shipping company with new offices in town.

Everyone ended up back in the bar and drinking. The Tanninomancer still has some trouble with the Mortal, since two years before he had kidnapped her (and she sees the worst in all men apparently).

Quite a quiet session overall.

Monday, 6 February 2012

To-do list

In the spirit of the New Year, New Game idea that was going around last month, I've begun to compile a list of different things I wanted to play or run this year. New things that I've not really gotten to before.

The Babylon 5 RPG, because I've wanted to for years and never gotten around to it.
Mage: The Ascension, because I keep telling myself I'll finally get to play it and it doesn't happen.
Legend of the 5 Rings, 4th Edition (I've run 1st ed. plenty of times, but I want to see how it's evolved).
Feng Shui, because who doesn't love a game that covers wuxia in the past, present and future?
Alternity, because I finally understand the rules.
Traveller, because I finally own the rules.
Spirit of the Century, because I love the setting and the FATE system in general.
Scion, because I want to actually use the books I've spent money on.

Busy year, right? And that's discounting most of the rules I only have electronically. I'll keep you informed of what goes on, and how much I get to do.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Setting as yet unrevealed

I've been working on a blog post for a while about the sci-fi setting I have in my head. Unfortunately, it gives away far too much about the setting because it says which novel series I'm ripping off. And then the players would be able to research things. (Though I have some suspicions right now that one person may know exactly what's going on. She's Scottish, the setting is Scotland, the novelist is Scottish...)

So here's the basics. Near future Edinburgh. The PCs are somehow involved with a murder in London the day before. The man murdered was a European Security Bureau intelligence officer. He was shot in the back whilst consorting with a prostitute. The culprit is tracked to Edinburgh, and the city has a little security alert.
Then stuff really goes wrong.
The prostitute was actually a member of the English Resistance against socialist European rule, although she's not connected with the gunman. And the ESB lieutenant had just handed over some very interesting documents that will change the world...

If I keep writing, I'll give away too much too quickly. Don't want that to happen!
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