Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Using d12s regularly - ideas for a system that uses them

A recent posting on Google+ about the lack of use of the d12 got me thinking about ways in which to use it effectively. Talk of a tarot/zodiac system made my mind jump to Feng Shui. Whilst I haven't had any experience of playing it, I loved the setting idea for it. I can barely remember the mechanics, but I seem to recall a lot of d6s.

Anyway, ideas that immediately jumped to mind were a mish-mash of various ideas. Here's a shortlist of stuff floating around at the moment.

  • 'Exploding' dice on a 12, so automatic reroll.
  • Rolling a number of dice and aiming for a target number on each, each success more than the first a cool good thing happens.
  • Automatic fail on a 1. Something bad happens because of it (even if other dice roll successes - bullets ricochet in bad ways, your lie you speak is entirely convincing but you give off a physical tell that the bad guy now has a chance to notice, etc).
  • Favoured skills/maneuvers that drop the difficulty. You need a 9 to pull off a fancy stunt, but you do it all the time. Drop down to an 8.
  • Base difficulty I guess would be around a 7 for something that usually requires a roll. Maybe a 6 if it's something anyone (even a lowly NPC child) could do.
  • Some kind of point-buy system to get skills and maneuvers, max dice per skill probably 5. 
  • Unsure if I'd use base stats, might throw in FATE's aspects for character description/plot hooks/previously mentioned favoured abilities. 
  • Bennies get you an automatic success like a temporary willpower point in oWoD.
I have a feeling I might actually try and playtest this soon. Have some interesting ideas of where to take this.

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